Personhood Amendment in Montana moving forward

Establishing personhood in our state and federal constitutions, without exception is the way to go.  Colorado is moving forward, and so is Montana.  Pray for these efforts.

Voters on Tuesday will be facing a number of ballot issues when they head to the polls and may be approached by two groups about one particular ballot issue.

While it’s not unusual to be asked to sign petitions for ballot initiatives on primary election day, it is not normal to have people outside your polling place telling you not to sign something.

The measure in question is Constitutional Initiative 100 (CI-100), which is the Montana Personhood Amendment, which would change the constitution to provide full legal rights for all human life beginning at conception.

CI-100 stirring controversy in MT


One Response to “Personhood Amendment in Montana moving forward”

  1. Kevin Says:

    The Montana Personhood Ammendment defines personhood as beginning at conception? What definition of conception? The Colorado initiative defines personhood as starting at fertilization, but doesn’t mention conception at all. The definition of conception was changed, and who’s to say it couldn’t be changed again, to deny people of personhood? But changing the definition of fertillization ain’t so easy.

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