inexpensive phone service

I just ordered this, the Magic Jack to replace my voIP service by Lingo. Lingo is about $30 a month unlimited phone calls to US and many foreign nations that I never call. Wasn’t fully happy with the service. Magic Jack is much cheaper. I’ll let you know how it works. Should have in my hands here shortly.


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4 Responses to “inexpensive phone service”

  1. Vin Says:

    Great wish you all the best and I guess you have to keep your computer connected to the internet?

    Can you give a check for 19.99 per year or do you have to pay by Master card?

    Look forward to your assistance and reply via email, please.

    Thank you,


    • Erik Whittington Says:

      credit card and internet on when you want to use phone. there is voice mail so if you miss a call because internet is off or down they will leave a message. you can take this with you wherever you go

  2. Eric Martin Says:

    wow- where’d you hear about this fine service??

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