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An old video of me in Twin Sister

April 15, 2009

TWIN SISTER show & IT NEVER SNOWS from todd fadel on Vimeo.


Maryland March for Life tonight

March 9, 2009

I’ll be attending the Maryland March for LIfe tonight.  Registration starts at 5pm.  Go here for a full schedule and more information.  I will be selling National Pro-Life T-shirt Week shirts there.  See you there!

Sign up for the new Rock for Life text mob

February 20, 2009

We have a new text mob service!  Text “rockforlife” to 66937.  For more info go to

Look, a picture of me in Time Magazine!

February 20, 2009

click here for the story…

READING: How to beat the stimulus package

January 30, 2009 Call your representatives and stop the madness!

inexpensive phone service

January 27, 2009

I just ordered this, the Magic Jack to replace my voIP service by Lingo. Lingo is about $30 a month unlimited phone calls to US and many foreign nations that I never call. Wasn’t fully happy with the service. Magic Jack is much cheaper. I’ll let you know how it works. Should have in my hands here shortly.

Rock for Life photos

January 27, 2009

make your way over to the Rock for Life Facebook Fan page and the Rock for Life MySpace page to view photos from Rock for Life’s Training and Activism Week!

Pro-Life Song: Decades of Night by Hope at Hand

January 26, 2009

Go to and play “Decades of Night,” which is currently the first song on their playlist.  Let them know what you think.  Add them as a friend and go see them perform.  They rock!

Rock for Life’s lastest Podcast / Radio show

December 18, 2008

Check out our new Podcast / Radio show on our myspace page.

Featured artist, Jesus Disciple

News & Commentary: Live action films releases 2nd undercover video where Planned Parenthood again covers-up rape and NYC attempts to stifle pro-lifers from counseling pregnant moms outside of abortion facilities

FEATURE: Training and Activism Week indepth

check it out

VIDEO: Training and Activism Week Promo

December 17, 2008

Check out our promo video for Training and Activism Week, January 21-23 in Washington, DC. Help us out by forwarding this to all your friends and posting on your websites.

This is going to be an amazing opportunity to join Rock for Life and other pro-life organizations in experiencing outreach, networking with other young pro-lifers and to have fun! If you need a place to stay spots at the Liaison Capital Hill Hotel are still available so make sure to contact us right away so we can reserve your spot.

Thanks for your help! See you there!