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Post election thoughts

November 10, 2008

Like many across the country, I was in awe as the election results poured in knowing that a black man would be elected president of the United States for the first time in history.  Especially considering the race relations this country has been embroiled in over her lifetime, this is really quite an achievement.

This is where my warm fuzzy feelings end.  President-elect Barack Obama appears to be the most radically pro-abortion elected official to ever reside in the White House.  This is what Barack Obama believes:

  • Given the scientific facts of when human life begins – deciding when babies deserve human rights is above his “pay grade”
  • Views babies conceived by unwed mothers as punishments and mistakes
  • abortion is a fundamental freedom
  • we should teach kindergartners sex education in public schools
  • we shouldn’t coerce doctors into providing life saving treatment to babies who have survived an attempt on their lives via abortion

Two of the first pieces of legislature he is salivating to sign are the Freedom of Choice Act and the Prevention First Act.  These two bills would officially write into U.S. law the right to abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, in all 50 states for any reason what-so-ever.  This bill would effectively nullify all state and federal limitations on abortion including parental notification.  The Prevention First Act will use our tax dollars to fund proven failed so-called “comprehensive sex-education” programs nationwide.  With a pro-abortion Nancy Pelosi and a pro-abortion Henry Reid running the roost in Washington, D.C. this could happen very quickly.

Finally, one of my main worries in all of this is who he would nominate to the U.S. Supreme Court and other federal benches.  These non-elected officials will have devastating  consequences for generations.

We know this isn’t a referendum on abortion as many would like to think it is.  This election was a referendum on a certain political party that has failed many on all sorts of issues.

This morning as I was driving to the office I followed a van briefly that had two bumper stickers on it; “Real men love Jesus” and “Pro-family, Pro-Obama.”  I believe this sums up the election.  How can men and women who claim to love Jesus vote for a man who is ardently an abortion advocate?  Unfortunately in this election many did, and this is shameful.  Followers of Jesus should not be leaving their consciences and their Bibles at the voting booth!  Unfortunately, it looks like enough did just that.

So don’t be down.  We know that God reigns supreme and He can, and wants to do good things even in the midst of such dire circumstances.  It does not matter who is occupying the White House.  God wants us to defend the most defenseless amongst us and can and wants to use us mightily for His work.

So let me encourage you.  Keep up the good fight.  Pray harder.  Give more of your time educating your peers about the truths of abortion and educating them on the importance of transferring those beliefs into grassroots activism like voting.  Encourage your peers to live lives of chastity and respect for yourselves and others around you.

I am pledging to not only keep up the fight, but to fight even harder.  Will you join me?

Erik Whittington

Director, Rock for Life

In the Oct. 17 issue of the RFL Report we issued a call to join us in Washington, D.C. January 20 as all eyes will be on the inauguration of the new president.  This is a perfect time to be a visible pro-life witness for the babies and to pray for the future of our nation.  We are excited to see this now gaining momentum as other pro-life youth organizations will be joining us – Stand True, Students for Life of America and Survivors.  So mark your calendars and get ready to be there.  More details to follow so stay tuned!


Yes, Obama supports sex-ed for Kindergarten kids

September 17, 2008

Here he mocks Alan Keyes for saying in their campaign against each other that Obama supports sex-ed for Kindergarten kids.  Then he says, “but it’s the right thing to do.”  If the video doesn’t embed correctly, click here.

looks like biden is it

August 23, 2008

pretty good choice, from a tactical standpoint if Obama wants to win – not a good choice of course because he supports killing children in utero (abortion). I’m still waiting for my text message….

Stop Obama bumper sticker

August 14, 2008

I ordered 10 so if you want one let me know 🙂

Obama, if elected will govern as an extreme Liberal

July 10, 2008

This from Dick Morris’ latest column which can be read at



Published on on July 9, 2008.

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The list of issues on which Barack Obama has flipped now that the primaries are over is long and growing rapidly.

7 Secret Strategies That Can Make You AT LEAST 50% Richer Two Years from Today. Click Here Now!      • He says he believes in a Second Amendment right to bear arms.

• He now opposes late-term abortion.

• He suddenly is a devotee of using faith-based institutions to deliver public services.

• He now says that he won’t raise Social Security taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 a year. In the primary, he said he’d eliminate the threshold entirely, including on people making as little as $100,000.

• He recently opposed the Fairness Doctrine for talk radio.

• Now he says he’s going to consult with the military before pulling out of Iraq.

But so extensive a list of flip-flops, all in the past few weeks, begs the basic question: Was he lying before when he was a liberal, or is he prevaricating now?

Even if Obama means what he is saying as he moves to the center trying to win the general election, the fact is that he will be forced to move very far to the left should he become president, forced by the liberals in his own party.

If Obama wins, it’s more than likely that he will take office with a Congress filled with Democrats and liberals. Most probably, the Senate will have at least 55 Democrats (including pickups in Colorado, New Mexico, Virginia, New Hampshire and Alaska). And there might be as many as 62 (possible Democratic pickups include Maine, Minnesota, Oregon, Kentucky, Texas, Kansas and North Carolina). The House will, of course, be solidly in Democratic control.

Faced with the same situation in 1993, as he took office as president, Bill Clinton found no alternative but to move dramatically to the left, shelving for the moment his promises of a middle-class tax cut and welfare reform. He had no choice. The Democratic majorities in both Houses served him with notice: Either you stay within the caucus and not cross the aisle in search of support for centrist policies, or we will do unto you what we did to Jimmy Carter when Tip O’Neill turned on him and made his life miserable. Clinton was forced to emphasize healthcare reform over welfare changes and to go with a liberal economic stimulus package capped by big tax increases. The liberal stain sank so deeply into the fabric of his presidency that it caused him to lose Congress in 1994, and almost to lose the 1996 election.

It will be the same with Obama. On all of his basic issues, the Democrats in Congress will hold his feet to the fire and make him govern to the left. On his signature issue of Iraq, he may find himself with a war already won, a democracy already stable and a problem already solved. Nevertheless, he will be forced to rip the scab from the wound and set it bleeding again by bringing our troops home prematurely. His healthcare proposals will be forced far to the left until they amount to a government takeover of the healthcare system. Obama will not be able to govern from the center. His party won’t let him do it.

Ultimately, Bill Clinton’s congressional supporters became his jailers and he morphed from their leader into their hostage. Dependent on every last Democrat to pass legislation in the House and to prevail over a filibuster in the Senate, he found himself pushed further and further to the left until, he told me, “I don’t even recognize myself.” He had to lade his economic and anti-crime package with pork to satisfy urban congressmen and to win their support of a bill that included a federal death penalty.

Obama will not be able to help himself. The Democratic majority in Congress won’t settle for triangulation. They will make the Obama of November into a liar and the Obama of the primaries into an honest man.